Alabama Department of Environmental Management Celebrates Earth Day

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Friday is Earth Day, a day to show our appreciation for our planet and talk about ways to preserve it. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management celebrates Earth Day every day, especially on April 22.

April 22 is the 52nd anniversary of the first Earth Day. On Friday, ADEM will highlight activities that promote or draw attention to the need for everyone to be protectors of our planet. This year’s theme is “Investing in our planet”.

Over the past several months, ADEM staff have traveled across the state to engage with students as part of preparations for Earth Day. They visited nearly 20 schools and other locations, including a nature reserve, a zoo and a children’s museum, to present hands-on demonstrations that teach young people about watershed protection, forms of pollution and recycling.

“Education is power, as it is often said, and by empowering students through knowledge, we hope to make them better stewards of the environment,” said the director of the ADEM, Lance LeFleur.

ADEM has also created a series of videos featuring ADEM personnel explaining and demonstrating the essential functions of their work in protecting Alabama’s environment. The videos cover a variety of topics, including air monitoring, fish tissue sampling, water quality and recycling. These videos are posted on the ADEM website Youtube channel.

Friday night, in what is becoming a tradition, the lights of the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) buildings in downtown Montgomery and Mobile will glow green and blue in celebration of Earth Day. Green and blue are the colors of Earth Day, and ADEM and RSA are joining forces for the third consecutive year to raise public awareness by displaying lights.

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