BMG property management BV signs a long-term contract with Edward Suares for the operation of a new hotel in the former Kura Hulanda

WILLEMSTAD – Next September, the new hotel ‘Kura Botanica Hotel’ will open in the old Kura Hulanda Spa & Wellness at Otrobanda. This beautiful project is an initiative of Edward Suares, in collaboration with BMG Property Management BV.

Historical monuments

Suares began in March this year with the renovation and renewal of the concept of the new hotel, located in Otrobanda. The location features beautiful historic buildings with 18th and 19th century architecture and will thus create a unique tourist experience. Hotel Kura Botanica is located in the new Kura Hulanda Village, which includes the Kura Hulanda Museum, Koura Hulanda Residences, square with shops, cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy local jazz music. Each room is unique and diverse, with various historical and colonial elements, such as antique furniture and fittings, with a nod to life in Curacao in the 19th century.

Tropical Botanical Gardens

In addition to the beautiful historic architecture, special attention will be paid to the tropical botanical gardens of the property and will thus be the green heart of Willemstad. Along with the neighborhood, part of these gardens will be used to grow fruits and vegetables, which will benefit the neighborhood. This way the focus will be on Curacao’s beautiful culture, history, neighborhood, people, food and the beautiful island we know.

Kura Botanica Hotel

In September, the Kura Botanica Hotel will open its doors for guests to experience a luxurious and unique vacation. The hotel is a place for couples, lovers and business people who need a vacation and are looking for a higher level experience. The historic hotel (with a modern twist) offers privacy and a warm, intimate atmosphere. The emphasis is on personalized service, right from the reservation. The personal needs of the guest(s) will be taken into account to create a personalized experience.

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