CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Revisiting the Stories: Remembering the Pioneers of Trans Human Rights Advocacy


Call for applications

Revisit Stories: Remembering Trans Human Rights Pioneers

The sphere of trans human rights advocacy remains the one that receives less funding and support than other human rights priorities. Rights defenders work under very difficult conditions, caused by multiple forms of systemic discrimination. Despite these challenges, trans rights advocates continue to engage in vital work to keep our communities safe and well-being.

A photo of a person on a march holding a sign with the Trans Pride flag, reading “Trans rights are human rights”
The text reads: “Call for papers – Revisiting the stories: Remembering the pioneers of trans human rights advocacy. Deadline: 21 March 2022, 23:00 CET”.
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An exhibition to honor trans leaders and pioneers

On the occasion of the 2022 ILGA World Conference, we will organize an exhibition that remembers and honors pioneers, past and present, in the field of global trans human rights advocacy. It will be an opportunity to zoom in on the ongoing struggles our communities face and celebrate our progress and resilience. You are warmly invited to submit proposals from leading human rights advocates that you think should be featured in this exhibition. The exhibition will primarily be available online, with the aim of ensuring that it is made accessible to a wide global audience.

During your submissions, we invite you to focus particularly on:

  1. how the work of a human rights defender has brought about significant changes in the landscape of trans human rights in his country/region of the world
  2. systemic challenges your nominee has faced in developing their trans rights work
  3. the importance of your nominee’s legacy in the sphere of trans rights advocacy in your country/region of the world

Please note the following rules regarding submissions:

  1. Only organizations/collectives/associations for the defense of trans human rights competent and led by trans people are allowed to submit proposals to the exhibition
  2. Every organization can do a submission
  3. The submitting organization is requested to submit a maximum of three high-resolution photographs of the person they appoint

Follow this link to submit your proposal
Deadline for submission of proposals: March 21, 2022, 23:00 CET

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