Dutch Museum Art Pavilion M floats on water

A series of floating circles make up Art Pavilion M – a new museum designed by Studio Ossidiana for the Dutch city of Almere.

The Rotterdam Architecture Agency envisioned the art center as a sequence of three experiences? the port, the stage and the observatory. Visitors enter through the ring-shaped walkway, arrive at the museum’s outdoor terrace (which can be moved to accommodate events and performances) and then enjoy the art collection within the polycarbonate shell of the central building.

Art Pavilion M is located in Almere, a Dutch town in the province of Flevoland, created by reclaiming land from the Zuider Inland Sea in the 1920s. Weerwater, where the museum floats, is an artificial lake dug for the project.

The art museum is rooted in its surroundings, with the polycarbonate walls filtering natural light and water reflections and local seashells used as roofing material and for the terrazzo countertops inside. Studio Ossidiana also located the museum’s windows to align them with the winter and summer solstices.

The M art pavilion currently hosts Naturally; Future savages – an exhibition of international works of art exploring the future of nature.

Photography: Riccardo de Vecchi

Photography: Riccardo de Vecchi

Photography: Riccardo de Vecchi

Photography: Riccardo de Vecchi

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