Family Histories Needed for Goulburn War Museum Exhibition

Staff and volunteers are currently working on the next big exhibit at the Rocky Hill War Memorial Museum in Goulburn and they need your help.

Inaugurated on December 16, the exhibition: Goulburn 1939-1945: A memoir by
the service and the home front
will feature related objects and materials that explore the diversity of local histories and memories of the Second World War – a war to which Goulburn made a substantial contribution both locally and in battle across Europe and the region of Peaceful.

As the last generation of the Second World War passes, this exhibition will remember those of Goulburn and surrounding districts who served – and those who stayed home during a war that touched Australian soil and seas more than any other.

Museum co-ordinator Kerry Ross is looking for local family histories or community stories of wartime service or life in Goulburn and surrounding districts.

Your memorabilia will be part of the exhibit and will also be preserved at the Rocky Hill War Memorial Museum for future generations.

Please send your memories or family stories of war service or home front experiences to [email protected]

Alternatively, you can come in person to Rocky Hill on Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday or Sunday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to deliver your handwritten memories. Staff will also be available on these days and times to assist you should you wish to provide a verbal debrief.

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