Gianforte celebrates his first anniversary as Governor of Montana

Governor Greg Gianforte marked the one-year anniversary of his inauguration as state chief executive with a speech and press conference from his office in Helena.

He looks back on the day he was sworn in and describes some of his accomplishments during his first 365 days as governor.

“Some of you were here with us 365 days ago,” Gianforte began. “A year ago today, I stood in this room and solemnly swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and Montana. With an exceptional team assembled, we rolled up our sleeves and got Our goal was and still is to revive our economy, change the way Helena does business, and protect our way of life in Montana, and we have made great strides.

Gianforte reflected on the recent legislative session and recalled some of the bills he helped pass.

“Together with the legislature, we enacted one of the largest tax cuts in history, as well as the repeal of unnecessary and burdensome regulations,” he said. “We invested in our teachers, which made it easier for beginning teachers to stay in Montana or return home. We provided seniors and low-income Montanese with property tax relief. We’ve strengthened Montana’s freedoms from our First and Second Amendment rights, which don’t stop at a college door, to our most basic right, and that’s our right to life. .

Gianforte also reviewed the policies enacted during the COVID 19 pandemic in Montana.

“COVID-19 remains a concern, but we are not where we were a year ago,” he said. “We now have additional tools at our disposal, including expanded vaccines and new treatments to prevent serious health issues and help treat Montanas who are infected. And because of the tools Montanans have and our success in using them, I strongly believe that the state does not need to exercise emergency powers.

Coming out of the depths of the pandemic, Gianforte said Montana has led the way in getting people back to work.

“We were also the first state in the nation to end supplemental federal unemployment benefits and launch a back-to-work bonus program,” he said. “We encouraged work instead of unemployment, and how it works. We have recovered all the jobs lost since the start of the pandemic. Since last January, our unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest rate ever recorded in the state of Montana.

At the end of his prepared remarks, Gianforte simply said, “My message today is the same one I shared with the state over the past year; we are just getting started.

Gianforte then answered questions about affordable housing, the distribution of COVID tests, and the availability of new COVID treatments statewide.

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