Highlights of CofC’s Facilities Management Summer Project List

Above: A full renovation of McAlister Hall began this summer and will be completed in August 2023.

Every summer when the students leave campus and things start to calm down, Facilities Management kicks into high gear – taking full advantage of empty classrooms and dorms to tackle building upgrades, updates, renovations and refreshes.

“I always laugh when someone hears that I work on campus and says, ‘Things have to slow down in the summer months,'” says John Morris, Vice President of Facilities Management. “In facilities management, summers are actually our busiest time of the year. We are moving from a service role to a construction, restoration and renovation role. With only a few months to complete our list, it’s often a daunting undertaking. I would like to thank our dedicated staff for their hard work over the past summer. We have made major improvements to campus buildings, landscape and utility systems. I believe these efforts will be noticed and I am proud to be associated with such an outstanding team.

Between campus safety and security projects, renovations and upgrades to classrooms and residence halls, and mechanical/hot water system updates everywhere from Randolph Hall to the Education Center, the improvements and upgrades can’t be missed: at the Fort Johnson complex, porches at Grice Marine Laboratory were enclosed. At Patriots Point Athletics Complex, the roof was replaced and the HVAC/AHUs were replaced in the ticket office and training facility. And the main campus has seen everything from electrical infrastructure upgrades, to streetlights and soap/tissue dispensers replaced, to classrooms and offices deep cleaned, to historic homes, residence halls, benches, walkways. and pressure-washed classrooms. The greenhouse roof and fence have been replaced; the Public Safety Departmentthe offices of have been renovated; and lighting occupancy sensors in classrooms and labs were installed across campus – part of a lighting upgrade that resulted in a $100,000 rebate.

Indeed, Facilities Management tackled projects big and small this summer. Here are some highlights below:

The new TD Arena wraparound scoreboard was on view at the back-to-school picnic earlier this month.

  • TD Arena – Dashboard Replacement: Technologically obsolete scoreboards have been replaced at both ends of the arena with new LED video boards and technology upgrades. A 360 degree LED scoreboard (ribbon) now encircles the arena. Control room upgrades and short-side scoreboard technology were connected to new LED displays and scoreboards. The upgrades allow Athletics to meet all of the requirements required to host NCAA games.
  • Craig Hall and Craig Union – Mechanical Room Renovation: This project resolved ongoing indoor heating, ventilation and air conditioning issues by replacing all mechanical room equipment, associated piping, valves and insulation. The building accommodates Admissions Office, a “first impression” establishment frequented by prospective students and their parents; a catering kitchen serving all College of Charleston facilities both on and off campus; and 52 student residents.
  • Addlestone Reno

    At Addlestone Library, the lending and reference desks are combined.

    Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library – Communication Museum Relocation and Circulation Office Renovation: The first phase of a two-year renovation project combines circulation and reference desks to free up current staff space for student use and increase staff work efficiency. Improved use of space allows the College’s Rivers Communication Museum to relocate to the library from its current (closed) location. The loan office is currently awaiting the stone for its counters, which has been held up due to supply chain issues.

  • Albert Simons Center for the Arts – Complete renovation: The Simons Center for the Arts is undergoing its first full renovation since it was built in 1979, upgrading or replacing all infrastructure and ensuring compliance with current seismic, accessibility, resiliency and safety codes. Selective demolition/reconstruction, reconfiguration of existing space and an addition of 10,113 GSF in/above an existing courtyard has allowed the College to meet current and future programmatic needs without expanding the overall building footprint . The Simons Center building will include an expanded lobby to service the renovated recital hall and Emmett Robinson Theatre; a state-of-the-art black box theater; renovated support spaces for performance spaces; expansion of storage and studio space for the costume shop; upgrades to the printmaking, sculpting and painting workshops; new computer and design labs; a radio and music production studio; and faculty/staff offices. The expected completion date is August 2023.
Simons Center

The renovation of the Simons Center for the Arts is complete and ongoing.

  • Wentworth Street Parking Garage – Limited Renovation: This five-level, 515-space car park built in 1984 is being renovated to address structural deficiencies and make changes to elevators, redesign parking spaces and traffic lanes, and replace parking control equipment and software. access. Vehicular barriers will be added and metal guardrails and handrails between levels will be improved. The expected completion date is October 2022.
  • McAlister construction

    McAlister Hall is undergoing a complete overhaul, with all new interior and exterior finishes.

    McAlister Hall – Complete renovation: Due for completion in August 2023, this project will address moisture intrusion and indoor air quality issues caused by roofing defects, and make upgrades to windows, exterior finishes, and HVAC and exhaust. The entire thermoplastic polyolefin roof will be replaced, along with all the windows and 75% of the exterior stucco. General repairs will be applied to support angles, expansion joints, exposed rebar, concrete (block, precast and poured) and secondary steel. The project will replace approximately 130 individual HVAC units with a centralized system to increase energy efficiency, reliability and maintenance access; repair/clean existing HVAC ductwork; replace interior gypsum sheets damaged by moisture and supporting metal studs; replace all exterior stair/walkway railings; replace damaged/obsolete elevator control systems and car finishes; replace all lighting with LED fixtures; replace plumbing fixtures and select piping; repair/replace damaged doors; repair/replace damaged joinery; upgrade fiber/telecom controls; replace/refresh all interior and exterior finishes; and replace all furniture.

  • 107 Wentworth Student Residence – Renovation: This Greek student residence, also known as William Johnson House, was built in 1858 incorporating parts of the previous house from around 1796. The structural integrity of the two brick chimneys has recently deteriorated due to deterioration of the base of the bricks, age and exposure to humidity. The structural issues caused cracks in the exterior stucco finish as well as the supporting brick substrate. The building will receive major structural repairs and a complete interior renovation, adding two beds. The expected completion date is August 2023.

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