Horrible Histories® Pirates is coming to Hartlepool this Easter

Horrific Stories® Exhibition

Proposed by The National Museum of the Royal Navy

The very popular family exhibition, Horrible Stories® Pirates’, arrives at the National Museum of the Royal Navy Hartlepool in time for Easter, having enjoyed such success in Portsmouth.

‘Horrible Histories® Pirates’based on the world’s best-selling children’s storybook series by Terry Deary and illustrator Martin Brown, is intended to give youngsters an action-packed insight into the mysterious and murky world of pirates through the ages.

As fans of the books, stage shows, and TV series expect, ‘Horrible Histories® Pirates’ takes a funny and crude look at the history of pirates.

Throughout the interactive exhibit, you’ll have the opportunity to design pirate flags, visit a noisy pirate tavern, eliminate enemies with cannon fire, and command a pirate ship on the high seas.

Young scallywags can also learn the rules of the “pirate code”, delve into the often horrific history of pirate ships and their infamous commanders (both male and female) and they will also have to practice talking like a pirate, or risk a trip to Davey Jones’ locker.

The exhibition has been developed in association with Scholastic UK and is moving to Hartlepool from the historic Portsmouth Dockyard where it was housed for two years after crossing the seven seas, from the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.

Funny, crude and factual, Terry and Martin’s unique work comes to life in this entertaining exhibition that has already proven itself to family audiences and is sure to delight visitors to Hartlepool this year.

Terry Deary, author of horror storiessaid: “The Horrible Histories – Pirates exhibition has toured the world from Australia to the UK. Now, as it docks in Hartlepool, I look forward to many more children discovering the terrible truth about putrid pirates. Expect foul facts, wild stories and lots to explore.

Chief Executive of the National Museum of the Royal Navy Hartlepool, Roslyn Adamson, said: ‘Pirates have always been a popular theme in Hartlepool and the partnership with the hugely popular series Horrible Histories is a fabulous opportunity to bring pirates fun. while sharing the kind of story that engages children.

“Coupled with our adventure game boat, live cannon shows and cutlass lessons, our annual ticket will provide even more value for northern families this year. It should be a very fun year in Hartlepool and we can’t wait!

Entry to ‘Horrible Histories® Pirates’ will be included as part of a valid ticket, which lasts for 12 months, and pre-bookable slots are available.

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