Iwan Maktabi and cc-Tapis present the Women in Design exhibition



On the occasion of Downtown Design Dubai, Iwan Maktabi’s research and experimentation platform “Iwan Maktabi Lab” takes over warehouse 32 on Alserkal avenue with a series of exhibitions and cultural events. Throughout the month of November, the Iwan Maktabi Lab will honor women in design. “Women in Design” is an exhibition presenting a range of cc-carpets collections honoring avant-garde designers, an exhibition that highlights the research and ideas that shape the world of interiors. Creators who challenge traditional craftsmanship and cultural production techniques, merging them with contemporary ideas.

The latest works by Patricia Urquiola, Mae Engelgeer, Faye Toogood, Sabine Marcelis, Cristina Celestino and Bethan Laura Wood designed for cc-Tapis will be on display. Collections such as Paysage, Stroke and Patcha exhibited at Milan Design Week will be presented for the first time in the Middle East. Allowing guests from all over the world to see, touch and experience each piece.

“Just as my father encouraged me and my sisters early in our careers, I strongly encourage every woman to pursue her vocation. Because at the end of the day you find your strength and autonomy in what you do and what you give to your community. Says Mona Maktabi, co-founder of Iwan Maktabi.

Design conference
Nadine Kanso and Bethan Laura Wood
moderated by Alya AlShaibani

As part of Iwan Maktabi Lab’s devotion to promoting appreciation of the arts, the collections will be presented alongside a conversation between designers Sabine Marcelis and Bethan Laura Wood moderated by Alya AlShaibani, Head of the Women’s Pavilion and Country Manager at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The moderated conference will take place on Monday, November 8, to discuss the ideas shaping the world of design.


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