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In July, the Milwaukee Public Museum unveiled a first look at the exterior of the future museum. Now museum staff and design teams are entering the next design phase using feedback from a public survey.

The Milwaukee Public Museum is moving to a new location as the condition of its current building deteriorates. The future Milwaukee Museum of Natural History features a cream-colored city exterior inspired by the rock formations of Mill Bluff State Park. Today, as the museum enters its interior design phase, museum staff and designers are gathering feedback from the public.

Rebecca Ehlers is the museum’s vice president of marketing, communications and visitor experiences. Ehlers says the museum won’t assume what the public wants.

“As the years go by of these conversations, we’re starting to dig deeper and deeper into what that contribution might look like in terms of exhibits.”

“What are people looking for and what changes do they want to see,” adds Ehlers. “What familiar aspects of the museum do they want to highlight and how do we incorporate all of that? Is this really the right balance? »

She says the museum partnered with an exhibit design firm called Thinc Design to choose 10 questions for the survey. The survey asks people what kinds of community activities they would like to experience and what places in Wisconsin do they like to share with others. Ehlers says the teams creating the new museum researched other museums across the country.

“We have that knowledge, but we also have a history of innovation in our design. We actually have a style unique to Milwaukee in our current museum called the Milwaukee Style. We hope to innovate in this museum as well.”

According to UW-Milwaukee’s Encyclopedia of Milwaukee, Milwaukee style is a more realistic mode of museum display depicting taxidermied animals in their natural habitats. It was created by Carl Akeley, who worked at the Milwaukee Public Museum from 1886 to 1894. He is known as the “father of modern taxidermy” and created the first known habitat diorama.

Ehlers says people sometimes question the use of technology in new museums.

“It’s not going to be a museum of touchscreens; we’re going to use technology and really elegant ways to enhance the experience. It could be sound, it could be lighting, and so technology can look like a lot of different things. . ” said Ehlers.

The museum received over 4,400 survey responses from people in over 400 zip codes. The survey closes Friday, October 14.

You can take the survey by visiting the Milwaukee Public Museum website.

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