My City – ‘Shared Journeys’, a virtual exhibition, tells hidden stories of the Asian region


The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience launched “Shared Journeys,” a virtual exhibit that showcases the hidden, lost or marginalized histories of the Asian region – seven Asian countries, 12 exhibits from 12 organizations on July 29 at

The exhibition is the collaboration between 12 Conscience sites in the region and is curated by Radhika Hettiarachchi.

The exhibition featuring photographs, videos and the stories behind them offer visitors a way to understand and question the meaning of history as it is written or taught, as well as the issues and intersections of race, gender, class, colonialism and privilege that are now part of both historical discourse and civil society.

The exhibition reminds us that we must seek multiple truths in order to identify, recognize, heal and understand ourselves. And advocate for a more pluralistic historical narrative of history.

According to Hettiarachchi’s curator’s note, these exhibits are about home, migration, and exile; the dignity of life and the rights of minorities; the human cost of war and violence that still does not break the human spirit; they restore identities and sometimes challenge presumed identity; enforced disappearances and the impact on those left behind; and seek truth and justice. But they also highlight the connectedness of humanity – in our suffering and in our hope – that crosses many divides.

He added: “This exhibition serves to remind us that history is also a perspective. These stories are not unique and their impact is not only localized in a specific country. They are stories of our world. They bring new depth to our understanding of history, and help us challenge common beliefs about what we think we know. seeking multiple truths in order to empathize with, recognize, heal, commemorate and understand each. They advocate for a more pluralistic historical narrative and to raise our voices to support each other in the pursuit of truth and justice.

The Shared Journeys exhibit includes the work of 12 member organizations of the Asia-Pacific Site of Conscience Network, representing seven countries. These are the Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization, the Liberation War Museum of Bangladesh, the Peace Institute of Cambodia, Youth for Peace, Kdei Karuna of Cambodia, the Network of Families of the Disappeared and Voices of Women Media Nepal, Herstories Project, International Center for Ethnic Studies and Institute of Social Development Sri Lanka, National Museum of Human Rights Taiwan and Tibet Museum India.

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