National Museum of the Royal Navy invites tender for exhibition design

The exhibition will celebrate the famous voyage of HMS Challenger in the 19th century and highlight the scientific endeavors of the Royal Navy.

The National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) has launched a tender for the design of a temporary exhibition at its Portsmouth site, as well as a smaller-scale exhibition at its Hartlepool site.

The main focus of the exhibition will be to showcase interactive objects and elements based on the famous voyage of HMS Challenger from 1872 to 1876, with related content displayed at NMRN Hartlepool.

The crew of HMS Challenger. Credit: NMRN

It was the first oceanographic expedition organized specifically to collect data on a wide range of ocean features, from seawater chemistry and currents to marine life and seafloor geology. While being colorful and engaging, the display should also highlight the Royal Navy’s commitment to ‘science at sea’, in the context of the Challenger heritage, as required by the specification.

Although the smaller Hartlepool exhibit will fall under the same main theme – The World Under the Waves – it will focus more on the story of the circumnavigation of HMS Trincomalee. HMS Trincomalee is still afloat and open to visitors on site.

HMS Trincomalee and its historic surroundings at Hartlepool. Credit: NMRN

Five key themes – discoveries, technology, human stories, environmental heritage and concerns, and practices – should be considered during the design phase and reflected in the final result. Key outcomes of the project will include the temporary exhibition at the Portsmouth site, provisions for schools/learning legacy packages and provisions for programming activities that will engage young people, especially women and girls to pursue careers in STEM.

There should also be examples of audio-visual material and innovative digital and physical interactive content and permanent digital content for the NMRN website.

The purpose of the exhibition is to commemorate the historic voyage of HMS Challenger and its contributions to oceanographic science while highlighting the modern role of the Royal Navy in supporting science at sea and mapping the seabed. It should also seek to encourage visitors to learn more about Royal Navy exploration and scientific careers.

Explaining how the ocean is essential to understanding our changing planet is another key objective. Parts of the exhibition are expected to showcase the Royal Navy’s current climate science work and the results of recent climate change research.

Inside the HMS Hear My Story Galleries – an existing exhibit at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Credit: NMRN

The exhibition tender will include Phase 1 (Design) and Phase 2 (Management), with a break between them. The NMRN has budgeted £28,000 for Phase 1, which covers RIBA Stages 1-4 (Preparation and Briefing, Design, Spatial Coordination and Technical Design).

The final budget estimate for the completion of the project – including manufacturing – must not exceed £195,000. The Hartlepool NMRN should be part of any full cost proposal.

The space proposed for the exhibition is a 120 m² space in the museum’s Storehouse 10 Galleries, which is located in a renovated 18th century warehouse. It includes six Kub2 walls that can be reconfigured to alter the display area and direct the flow of visitors, fixed wall panels around the edge of the space, seven Evolution demountable display cases that can be reconfigured in a variety of combinations, Vista enclosures and a Concord Muse track-mounted spotlight. lighting system.

The deadline for submitting applications is November 25, 2022 at noon. The chosen studio can expect the contract to start on December 9, 2022 and end on July 31, 2023.

The proposed opening date for the exhibition is June 24, 2023, after which it will run for one year.

Find more details on the brief and how to apply.

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