Near Payment by Credit Card

Paying revolutionizes: Cash begins to disappear from the street scene and people’s pockets. It has been replaced by a growing variety of mobile payment applications and debit and credit cards which are still the most popular payment in Finland.

Near Payment is one of the growing trends. In proximity payment, a payment instrument, such as a credit card, is taken near the reader. The benefit of proximity payment is that it speeds up payment by eliminating the need to tap on PINs and drag the card in and out. Just a glance is enough.

The bank account will not always charge the local fee


Although short-distance payments are becoming increasingly common in Finland, not many are familiar with the short-term payment practices of their own debit card. There would be a reason, however, as it may come as a surprise to some that the short-term payment practices are not uniform across banks.

Local payment practices are not uniform across banks

The biggest difference for consumers is whether or not direct debit cards to a bank account.

We compared the credit card practices of different banks with combined cards. Check out your own card!

Direct debit debit cards


As can be seen from the comparison, most banks operating in Finland offer Near Payment only to debit cards (ie debit cards). In this case, the bank charge will always be charged to the immediate payment and the consumer will not have to worry about the credit card bill increasing.

As a general rule, therefore, local debit will only be successful with debit or credit / debit debit cards. So not just credit cards.

These are just the basic rules, as there are exceptions.

Local Credit Card Payment


Good Finance’s short-term payment policies are different in Finland, as the short-term payment is primarily charged to the credit side of the credit or combination card. This means the credit side.

For good finance, the immediate payment will be primarily charged to the credit side of the credit or debit card.

In addition, Good Finance also offers short-term payment to Visa debit and Electron payment cards, whereby the local payment is debited from the customer’s bank account. This is standard practice for Finnish banks.

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