Open letter to Josh Allen on behalf of Buffalo

Dear Josh,

I grew up watching the Buffalo Bills in the 2000s. I think my first full season as a Bills fan was the 2000 season. That was the season after the Music City Miracle Wild Card playoff game, that of many Buffalonians call it “Home Run Throwback”.

The 2000 season was when the infamous 17-year playoff drought began for the Bills, and it ended up meaning people my age knew nothing but losing football their entire lives. My first vivid memory of the Bills was the Wild Card game in Nashville.

In those 17 years, the Bills had a dozen starting quarterbacks over those years, with some players causing huge disappointment among fans.

There was a point where I wasn’t even sure the Bills would be any good again – like in a weird way it was my fault, as soon as I started watching the team, the drought has begun.

I never missed a Bills game. I continued to watch the team, even through horrible seasons like 2006, 2010, 2012, 2016 and all the others in between.

I also loved college football and remember watching potential NFL quarterback deals and in the fall of 2016 I saw the highlights of this kid named Josh Allen from the University of Wyoming.

I was in awe of what you could do on the football field. In the discussion about the strongest arm I’ve ever seen. Ridiculous athletic ability for someone your size. The kind of arm skill and athleticism that only John Elway could match. Sure, the same old things we’ve heard about before were reasonable concerns (completion percentage, decision making, mechanics), but coaching and patience could fix all of that.

I remember joking with my friends during the 2017 NFL and college football season, “Boy, wouldn’t it be something if the Bills actually signed this kid in the first round? My quarterback hope favorite I’ve ever seen coming to my team?” “

That was still a long way off because so many teams need a quarterback and it turns out the Bills broke the playoff drought in 2017 and didn’t have a top-10 pick. at the draft, what everyone thought it would take to hook you or any other high-end QB prospect in this class.

But the Bills maneuvered enough thanks to the work of general manager Brandon Beane, to climb to number 7 in the 2018 draft and the guy I dreamed of coming to the Bills, actually got drafted by Buffalo.

What I mean is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of Bills fans, not just in western New York, but across the country and in North America, who have waited over 20 years for a quarterback to come with the physical traits and play in the field to back it up.

What happened at the end of the AFC Divisional Round against the Kansas City Chiefs sucked. There’s no other way around the cold hard truth – this game will forever haunt players and fans for years to come, or at least when the Bills win the Super Bowl.

I can’t imagine how you felt then and how you still feel now. No quarterback in NFL playoff history has had a better two-game streak than you. Nearly 800 yards in total; 9 touchdown passes; 0 turnover; more than 150 yards on the ground; 149.0 passer rating. Literally played perfectly and as tight as a quarterback could be on the biggest stage with everyone watching.

Keep playing like this. The skill set is natural, but what you have meant to Bills fans and this community cannot be put into words. There are no words or phrases strong enough to specify how much you mean to Buffalo and this fanbase.

The Super Bowl is the ultimate prize and it will always be the go-to goal for the rest of your career. But what you’ve been through since graduating from Firebaugh High School, having to go to JUCO college, only getting one scholarship offer, going through a program like Wyoming in the Mountain West Conference and making them winners, proving that so many wrong skeptics out there — people who get paid to do analysis — to take a team that missed the playoffs 17 of 18 and get them to the playoffs three straight seasons with back-to-back division titles.

Never forget the joy and happiness you bring to so many people, because you are simply who you are. The Bills will always be contenders while you’re here at quarterback.

I think I speak on behalf of all Bills fans when I say you play once in a generation and we appreciate you playing for the Buffalo Bills.

I’m a big believer in fate and it was fate that landed Josh Allen in Buffalo to lead the Bills.

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