Provincial grant updates Killarney Museum’s artifact management system –

The JAV David Museum in Killarney has received an $8,000 grant from the Community Museum Project Support Program.

Museum curator Joyce Dietrich says the grant will be used to update their collections management system.

“We have over 10,000 artifacts, almost 20,000 artifacts, and that doesn’t include anything in the archive,” Dietrich notes.

Museum staff have spent years updating the numbering system for all artifacts and now need to implement this data into a proper system. Dietrich says the process will likely take about 16 weeks to take all the work they’ve done over the last 4-5 years to bring everything up to date and put it on an Excel spreadsheet. She adds that they will hire someone to do this data entry and that they have all the technology needed for this upgrade.

Once this task is completed, the Killarney Museum hopes to be included in the program that the Association of Manitoba Museums currently uses called “Muse-toba”, a collection management software. “They started with 5 museums, then this year they added 4 more, and we hope to have everything ready for next year,” Dietrich notes.

In addition to upgrading their artifact archive, the JAV David Museum is also undergoing interior upgrades. Renovations included new flooring and they still have a few more weeks of cleaning, sorting and posting.

“We hope to have everything completed before May 12, which is Manitoba Day,” she shares. “We are hoping to have our annual Manitoba Day Tea, which we haven’t been able to have for 2 years. So that’s the date we’re aiming for!”

“The Community Museum Project Support Program is an eight-year initiative designed to fund museum activities that advance reconciliation, equity, diversity, inclusion, COVID-19 recovery and stewardship. collections,” says the province’s most recent press release.

“Announced in January, the application process was open until February 1 to non-profit community museums focused on conserving, preserving and interpreting their collections for the enjoyment of the public. Preference was given to museums that support an appropriate interpretation of Manitoba’s history and include partnerships with Indigenous peoples or communities.

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