Remembering Stories exhibit comes to Braunton

10:00 a.m. 22 March 2022

From Saturday April 2 to Saturday April 23, KIND studio. in Braunton will exhibit the work of Louise Hall.

Louise Hall is a UK-based multidisciplinary artist working in performance, printmaking and sculpture. Louise’s work explores conversations about postcolonial ideas around the Black British experience in the UK and the diaspora, investigating the materiality of fabric and language to reflect social issues in the UK. Challenging the concerns of narrative and colonial history, and the impact on education and other societal institutions, Louise uses non-violent imagery in her work to depict violent traumatic events related to plantations, colonial history and the transatlantic slave trade.

‘Remembering Histories’ focuses on discussing racial identity and history through images and personal experiences, as a mixed-race person growing up in the UK and the lack of voices heard throughout history . Louise questions the institutional amnesia of British society as well as British history and media. ’13 Dead, Nothing Said’ is about the accumulated trauma faced by black British communities, reflecting that slaves were not a singular point of trauma but current events in living memory, and in this act Louise remembers of the 13 lives lost in 1981’s New Cross Fire. The discussion of themes of black bodies occupying physical space and how we represent cumulative trauma and our voices in a political landscape continues to illuminate black communities.

Louise Hall graduated from Bournemouth University in 2020, having studied Fine Art. She has since received the Platform Graduate Award, exhibiting at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth, and has been part of ‘Power To Us’ and the Emerging Female Artists Exhibition at Yellow Cube Gallery in Gosport.

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