Sorrell Graduates Succeed in Risk Management and Insurance After College

Since its introduction, TROY’s risk management insurance focus has been committed to preparing students for future success.

While academically demanding coursework is important, much of that success relies on the personal involvement of expert faculty members who mentor each RMI student.

“It was a very friendly and welcoming staff and environment,” said Evan Legassey, RMI Graduate and Associate Broker at XS Brokers. “They really invested in all the students that were in our program.”

Legassey was a place-kicker on the Troy Trojans football team in school, among other things. He recognized the importance of not only having a relationship between teacher and student, but also the networking opportunities presented by professors.

“Dr. Baggett and Dr. Pappanastos have the ability to put us in areas where we can be successful, like attending various events,” Legassey said. “For example, they sent a few students to an insurance networking event in Birmingham. .”

Certification is one of the most essential things that enables RMI students at TROY to excel in the workplace.

“In order to pass certain classes in the RMI program, you had to pass your licensing exams,” said Dane Lunsford, underwriter for RT Specialty. “RT doesn’t hire too many students, but they hired maybe 20 students from my class.”

“Probably 90% of those students weren’t licensed, so when I took over I was already licensed and ready to roll,” Lunsford said.

Lunsford, an ATO Walk Hard veteran, said the RMI faculty is always looking to help students and provide them with connections, which is one of the things that sets TROY apart from other programs.

Dane Lunsford

“There was a time when Dr. Pappanastos called me at 8 a.m. to come in for an interview with a company on campus that he recommended me to,” Lunsford said.

In addition to the connections provided by professors, there are many peer-to-peer connections. TROY has a pedigree of student success, allowing alumni to connect with each other.

“It’s not often that I go a week or two without finding someone new to TROY’s insurance business,” Lunsford said. “We work with agents and insurance companies all day and it’s not often you walk into one and don’t have someone from TROY Insurance around. .”

“It’s very cool to be associated with TROY RMI,” added Lunsford.

Both Legassey and Lunsford mentioned the dedication of RMI faculty to providing opportunities in college and beyond.

“We held job fairs once or maybe even twice a semester, which put us in front of companies looking to hire outside of college,” Legassey said. “Dr. Baggett has consistently networked with all the jobs in the industry, and it’s very evident that she has gone above and beyond.

Evan Legassey, a graduate of Sorrell College of Business, is finding success in the field of risk <a class=management insurance. (Photo TROY)” class=”wp-image-7984″ data-srcset=”×682.jpg 1024w,×200.jpg 300w,×512.jpg 768w, 1280w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px”/>
Evan Legassey, a graduate of Sorrell College of Business, is finding success in the field of risk management insurance. (Photo TROY)

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