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studio 10 adorns design of ‘shaped from nature’ exhibition in china with transparent elements

By March 25, 2021August 28th, 2021Exhibition design

Studio 10 completed the spatial design for the “Made from Nature” exhibition, hosted by the Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen, China. co-organized by the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A), the China Silk Museum, the Design Society and guest curator Edith Cheung, the exhibition consists of two sections to tell the complex relationship between fashion and nature since the 16th century. century, with reflections like as well as the emphasis on sensitivity and preservation of the environment, in Western and Eastern societies.

all courtesy images chao zhang

with nature as the subject and the garden as the theme, the design of workshop 10 forms an abstract but poetic interpretation and comparison of eastern and western views of nature, as well as the evolution of classic to contemporary garden spaces. the first section of the exhibition is titled ‘Shaped from Nature’, focusing on the correlation between fashion and nature from the 16th century to the present day, while the second section, titled ‘Shaped from Nature’ nature in China: yesterday and today ”is an echo of the subject in the east.

studio 10 completes the exhibition

in this newly developed design, studio 10 hoped ‘explore the similarities and differences of the natural views embodied in eastern and western gardens’. with this in mind, the entrance arch is clad in tyvek which, when backlit, faintly reveals the vine-like fibers and forms an abstract ‘green corridor’. through this corridor, guests can access the first section of the exhibition, housing the classical period of the English section. translucent fabrics are used to create a classic abstract “western” garden, which is very geometric, axially symmetrical and perspective-oriented while connecting circular spaces and display cases of different sizes.

studio 10 completes the exhibition

then comes the last ‘garden’, formed from a set of acrylic tubes – the modern material implies that the narrative of the exhibition approaches modernity, when people began to contemplate and reflect on the relationship between fashion and nature. here the layout takes a more contemporary approach, the space instantly opens up, from classic confined circular storefronts to a continuous and flowing display area, echoing the flexible layout of the contemporary landscape and spatial design.

studio 10 completes the exhibition

the Chinese section serves as the final part of the exhibition, taking the form of a pill-shaped plane surrounded by translucent fabric, leaving only a slit for entry. visitors can vaguely see as they stroll through this space, while curiosity builds up. in this section, the design follows a natural approach – there is no fixed axis or linear flow. a translucent ramp settles inside, just like a mountain path or a stream winding from the sky, free and winding. mannequins dressed in highlighted pieces are placed on the ramp as if they were descending a hill.

studio 10 completes the exhibition

throughout the exhibition, visitors can explore the space intuitively and freely, as if they were in a natural setting. the design uses light and translucent materials such as fabric, TPU, tyvek, etc. to weaken the interposition of physical space and the existence of the entity. expressing the abstract and poetic views of the eastern and western, classical and modern garden through ’emptiness’ and ‘transparency’, the architects intend to encourage visitors to reflect and reflect on the relationship between man and nature, from a fashion point of view as well as a broader perspective.

studio 10 completes the exhibition

transparent elements adorn the design of the exhibition

transparent elements adorn the design of the exhibition

transparent elements adorn the design of the exhibition

spatial design of the exhibition shaped from nature organized by va and design society 7

spatial design of the exhibition shaped from nature curated by va and design society 8

spatial design of the exhibition shaped from nature organized by va and design society 12

project info:

Name: exhibition “shaped from nature”

conservative: design company, victoria & albert museum (v & a), china silk museum

guest curator: Edith cheung

design consultant: workshop 10

main responsible: shi zhou

design team: cristina moreno cabello, an huang, jiaying huang, meishi zhao, xin zheng, jiaxiao bao (project assistant), feifei chen (project assistant)

graphic design consultant: sanyi_lab

construction drawing consultant: shennan design

lighting consultant: jojo lighting

site: cultural and artistic center of the world of the sea, main location L1, 1187 wanghai road, shekou, nanshan, shenzhen, china

Region: 1280 m² (13778 ft²)

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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | design boom

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