The National Media Museum unveils a summer exhibition

The Bradford-based museum examines how faces are portrayed in the media.

RFA has designed the National Media Museum in Bradford’s new exhibit, In Your Face.

The exhibition was created to explore the most photographed, examined, and expressive feature of the human body: the face.

In a series of demonstrations, exhibits and interactive activities, he examines how people and faces are portrayed in media through media such as photographs and screens.

Interactive art, hands-on learning experiences, and conventional museum exhibits

The National Media Museum joined the consulting firm earlier this year in May. His goal was to design the exhibit to bring together all of the disparate elements in a cohesive fashion, so that it doesn’t matter which order people explore.

Interactive art, hands-on learning experiences, and conventional museum exhibits are all presented together. To give it a sense of consistency, creative director Richard Fowler and senior graphic designer Andrew Galvin introduced a new color palette and a connecting line device that allows unconnected installations to be joined – ranging from artifacts from the 1980s to contemporary interactive art – using colorful graphics.

Development of a new color palette

“Yellow is the primary color used in branded hardware created by B&W Studio,” says Galvin.

“We then considered developing suitable color palettes for this, but changing the colors as the visitor progresses through the galleries creates more diversity within the exhibits. “

Another key feature of the design are the built-in learning stations that can be used by groups of visitors, according to Galvin.

“Simple 3D structures complement the graphics, provide projection surfaces and a variety of interactive displays,” he says.

In Your Face is valid until October 30, 2016.


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