Theory: A museum art exhibit is coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A recently released dialogue option for one of New Horizons’ villagers suggests that we haven’t seen the full extent of Blathers’ museum yet.

Among the many small pleasures of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is his museum.

Whereas in the past animal crossing games, the Blathers museum appeared on the stickier side, New Horizons started with an established pattern in new sheet and revamped it into one of the most magical places in gaming. Simply put, it looks like a place that would be fun to visit even in the non-digital world thanks to its sprawling and diverse displays. A recent post possibility of dialogue for one of New HorizonsHowever, villagers suggest that we have yet to see the full extent of Blathers’ new and improved museum.

The villager in question is Fang. Twitter user @sylvidia posted an exchange with him alluding to artwork in the Blathers’ museum, theorizing that his mention of an art gallery suggests future DLC.


Fang admits to being a newbie to the art world, but expresses his gratitude for the art he can still browse at the museum. This is, of course, notable because the current version of New Horizons‘The museum has no such art within it. Fang even recounts standing and looking at these non-existent works. Pass animal crossing the games have included a traveling art dealer named Crazy Redd. New Horizons is certainly the largest animal crossing game to date, so the art-centric update that this dialogue may be hinting at could very well also tie into the arrival of the series staple Crazy Redd.

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Whether or not an art gallery is currently part of Nintendo’s plans for the next animal crossing content, significant DLC is almost guaranteed in one form or another. While the current and controversial Bunny Day event is only the first in a list of timed holiday events, given New Horizons‘ skyrocketing sales in conjunction with a daily loop that some players may find repetitive, adding potentially more permanent new content to the game seems like a no-brainer.

The game’s next major update is currently slated for later this month and will introduce an Earth Day-related event. The promo for the update includes an image of Leif, the garden trader who is a regular on the series. While his appearance has been confirmed to be seasonal, it still introduces the possibility of dismissing NPCs which could indeed include Redd and the alluded art exhibit.

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