TriStar Bin Cleaning reinvents waste management


TriStar Bin Cleaning was founded in 2020 and serves Franklin, Brentwood and surrounding areas. (Courtesy TriStar Bin Cleaning)

After years of consulting work, Matt Barber and Kevin Cecil founded TriStar Bin Cleaning after noticing a lack of resources in one area of ​​household cleaning: trash cans.

“I had spoken with my wife about cleaning our trash cans, and I found this [product] that you could sprinkle in the trash. It was supposed to make him feel better, and that made it worse; it was just awful, ”Barber said. “Next thing you know, we drive to San Antonio and meet someone to help us build a [cleaning] a truck.”

The company, which uses a specially equipped truck to lift and spray the interior of the garbage can, was founded in July 2020 and has since grown to include hundreds of customers, Cecil said. The company serves Williamson and Rutherford counties, as well as most of Davidson County.

While garbage cans are a part of the daily routines of most households, Cecil said people usually don’t think about their garbage cans until they start to smell, which is a sign that bacteria are spreading inside the house. trash can.

Although the materials are approved by the Food & Drug Administration to kill bacteria and viruses, including those that cause COVID-19, Cecil said they can be used safely around family members and children. animals. For most cans, TriStar uses hot water sprayed at 3,500 pounds per square inch, more than 50 times the pressure of a garden hose. For larger jobs, TriStar uses a citrus based cleaner to remove grease and oil.

“This is the first question people ask, ‘What kinds of chemicals do we use? “We’re just using steam, that’s 200-205 degree water when it comes out of the nozzles,” Cecil said. “It’s just really hot water blowing inside the tub, then all that water falls back into it. We capture whatever we spray in the bin. “

Barber said the company also uses eucalyptus essential oil after cleaning, ensuring that only environmentally friendly and non-toxic products are used.

In addition to cleaning residential and commercial garbage cans, TriStar also offers waste management brokerage services to help neighborhoods streamline waste management properties by negotiating new contracts to simplify garbage collection schedules while providing cleaning and other services. •• Barber and Cecil said that by continuing to grow the business and add new service areas, they hope to eliminate some of the idea that waste management is totally unpleasant.

“Everyone’s opinion about waste is so negative, and it doesn’t have to be,” Cecil said.

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