Western Colorado University’s Masters in Gallery and Museum Management Costs Under $ 20,000


Western Colorado University’s Masters in Gallery and Museum Management was founded with art professionals in mind. This graduate program is structured to be maximally affordable, flexible, and feasible for anyone looking to advance their career as a curator.

Western’s Masters in Gallery and Museum Management (MGMM) explores the various aspects of running a museum or gallery, from meeting client needs and managing collections to restoration and l ‘business Administration. The degree covers design, preparation, installation, and conservation, helping students broaden their broad professional experience in the arts industry by gaining managerial skills and practical expertise in the field of their choice.

MGMM is a low-residency ‘hybrid’ program consisting of online courses that students can take from anywhere in the world, combined with a two-week summer campus internship and a gallery internship. art or museum of their choice. Because of this flexibility, graduates progress through the program at personalized paces and intensities that match their personal and professional commitments. Those enrolled full-time can graduate in just 15 months, while part-time students can complete the program in two to four years.

MGMM is offered through competitive state university education, with scholarships and financial aid available. International students can apply for visas. Most students receive some form of scholarship, so the total bill for tuition is less than $ 20,000. Additional financial assistance is also available.

Western Colorado University is currently accepting applications for this fully accredited professional terminal master’s degree.

To learn more about Western Colorado University’s Masters in Gallery and Museum Management, visit western.edu.

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